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Opening Passages to Greatness

The other day I stumbled upon The Heart, a wonderful series in the online version of The Atlantic in which authors discuss their favorite passages in literature. Browsing through the collection, I came upon John Rechy's discussion of his favorite, which is the opening sentence of William Faulkner's short story, "A Rose ...

Cain is able, better than most, and far darker: An Appreciation

At least thirty years had passed since I first read The Postman Always Rings Twice by James Cain. I confess that during those intervening decades my memory of the short novel had faded into a vague recollection of a dark somewhat sexy crime story involving low-life hustlers that took place somewhere in ...

The Magical Lure of the Intimate Voice

I have written here and elsewhere of the power of a great opening line. If you can imagine a bookstore as a crowded singles bar with each book hoping to get lucky, that first sentence essentially functions as the author's pick-up line. Sure, a sexy book jacket helps, since it ...

Books and Cigars? Yep!

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Never done a book event in a cigar bar, so this should be interesting--and fun (and hopefully not too smoky)!! Here's the link to the event--and to the rest of the Bookfest events. When: 3 pm September 23rd. Where: Brennan's (4659 Maryland Ave., St. Louis MO)

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