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Open With A Bang

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Somewhere toward the end of my recent blog posts exploring great opening lines and favorite narrators, I had one of those Homer Simpson epiphanies: to lure in your reader you will need more than just a snappy opener or a distinctive voice. Sure, both of those help. But the key ...

Who Tells the Story? My 5 Favorite Narrators in Literature (Part 1)

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I came across a fun piece in Publishers Weekly by the author Antoine Wilson entitled "The 10 Best Narrators in Literature." As he explains, the range of fictional narrators goes from the World Swallower to the Unreliable Narrator. The World Swallower is "the unhinged cousin of the old-school omniscient author-narrator ...

Untold Tales of Wild and Crazy Love

Love stories have generated mountains of literary analysis over the years. From Tristan & Isolde to Romeo & Juliet to Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy to Anastasia Steel & Christian Grey, the ins-and-outs (pun sort of intended) of the amorous relationships between fictional characters have been probed  (guilty again) from every ...

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