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Dylan, Hemingway, and a Peek Behind the Curtain

"Chimes of Freedom" lyrics (via the Bob Dylan Archive)Bob Dylan made headlines this month when a group of Oklahoma institutions announced their acquisition of an extensive archive of Dylan's private work. According to the Bob Dylan Archive website at the University of Tulsa,  the trove includes 6,000 items of "never-before-seen ...

“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

Fiction versus reality. I have written occasionally, and contemplated more often, the profound wisdom behind the old saying that truth is stranger than fiction. The laws governing the real world are, in fundamental ways, different than the laws governing the world of fiction. Coincidence is a fact of life--right out there ...

Was Yogi a Yogi?

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We in St. Louis joined Baseball Nation in mourning the recent death of baseball legend Yogi Berra, a beloved son of our town who grew up on the Italian Hill. As might be expected, the obituaries celebrated not only his remarkable baseball career but his equally remarkable quotations--sayings that might ...

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