Books and Cigars? Yep!

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Never done a book event in a cigar bar, so this should be interesting--and fun (and hopefully not too smoky)!! Here's the link to the event--and to the rest of the Bookfest events. When: 3 pm September 23rd. Where: Brennan's (4659 Maryland Ave., St. Louis MO)

A Delightful Evening with Two Great Guys Who Happen to Be Terrific Writers

Writing a novel is, by definition, a lonely avocation. It's just you and your computer--or just you and that legal pad. Thus any opportunity to hang out with a fellow writer is a welcome opportunity--but sometimes it can be a truly delightful opportunity. And that's what I experienced last Monday ...

God or Huck Finn: Who Should Tell Your Story?

An online discussion among several of my fellow Poisoned Pen Press authors got me thinking about the one decision every fiction author must make before typing CHAPTER 1 at the top of the page. That decision? Who will tell your story? "Huh," a baffled reader may wonder, "doesn't the author tell ...