The Flinch Factor Named A Favorite Book of 2013

KRL-200x200-SOURCE-WHITE-144x144[1]While browsing through a Favorite Books of 2013 list yesterday in search of a new book to read, I was surprised and delighted to discover near the top of that list a book that I not only own, read, and proofread, but also wrote. It was the nicest surprise of 2013. Here’s the link.Flinch Factor, The Front Cover

  • Camilla Cavour
    March 29, 2014

    Just curious…..when you proofread THE FLINCH FACTOR, were you half asleep?


    Here’s a listing of errors I found, which a good copy editor would have noticed and corrected–

    Page 86, line 8 – “pursue both of this dreams” should be “pursue both of his dreams”

    Page 91, line 24 – “he’d waived them all off” should be “he’d waved them all off”

    Page 109, line 4 – “with six bags groceries” should be “with six bags of groceries”

    Page 152, line 8 – “why were having lunch?” should be “why were we having lunch?”

    Page 154, line 2 – “phrase it slightly different” should be “slightly differently”

    Page 201, line 11 – “no more than twenty-fours” should be “no more than twenty-four hours”

    Page 203, line 5 – “to one my favorite” should be “to one of my favorite”

    Page 230, line 19 – “and as I result” should be “and as a result”

    Page 231, line 34 – “We done here” should be “We’re done here”

    Page 244, line 18 – “She help up her hands” should be “She held up her hands”

    By the way, in Italian the name is “Tommaso” (that’s right–mm–in the name). It’s similar to “mamma” (again two ems). An Italian’s ear can hear the difference in the pronunciation, with those two ems in each of those two words. When I noticed the incorrect spelling of the detective’s name, I wondered how much research you had done, since clearly you enjoy incorporating Italian aspects into your storyline.

    The characters, especially Jacki and Benny, are appealing and the plotting is engaging.

    However, too many references to today’s popular culture may keep the book from aging well.

    I look forward to reading all the other entries in the Rachel Gold series. This was the first one
    I read, at the suggestion of a friend. I’m glad I did. I enjoyed being in Rachel’s company
    and seeing her bring Nick Moran’s killer to justice.

    • Michael Kahn
      April 10, 2014

      Thanks, Camilla. I have passed along your list of errors to the publisher, who promises to get them corrected. As for the spelling of “Tomaso,” I based the spelling on the actual spelling of a friend of mine with the same last name. I hope you enjoy the other novels–and don’t find too many errors!

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