Some Terrific Questions for You (and Me)

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1464203520.01.S001.LXXXXXXXReady for some fun? Read on.

The book tour season is in full swing again, this time for my new novel The Sirena Quest. As my fellow authors will confirm, one challenge of the book tour is to find a new twist for your answers to the exact same questions you’ve already been asked by the last five interviewers.

Ah, but then you are approached by one of the cool folks from the blog Reviewing the Evidence for their “SIXTY SECONDS WITH … ” interview. Although their blog hasn’t yet posted my interview–and thus my lips must remain sealed for now–the questions they asked me (and other authors before me) are among the most clever and challenging ones I’ve ever been asked.

So much so, in fact, that you’re going to have fun coming up with your own answers.

Set forth below are seven of the questions I was asked. What would your answers be? And what about a friend or loved one? See how they would answer them.

I confess that Question #2 took me the longest to answer. After all, you’re going to be all alone on that desert island, and presumably you’ll be there long enough to listen to that freakin’ album a hundred times. So what’s your choice?


(1) Describe yourself in a sentence.A_Hand_Holding_a_Microphone_100205-203180-762009[1]

(2) What’s the one record you’d take to a desert island?

(3) What did you want to be when you were growing up?

(4) If I ruled the world …

(5) Which book do you wish you’d written?

(6) Name your five dream dinner party guests.

(7) Who would you least like to be stuck in an elevator with?

What do you think?

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